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Konstante Eleganz Fixer – 50ml

Like mist, apply often and supply moisture bomb fixer

It has high adhesive power and keep your makeup last ong as just applied even after long hours later.

A hydrating, moisturizing base and mist-fixer that helps keep your mood comfortable for long.
Spray like a mist whenever you feel a dry and splitting base due to lack of moisture making you uncomfortable.

  • Staying power
  • Moisturizing power
  • Zero sticky
  • Soft and even spraying power

Shield Up Face Fixer – 50ml

Soft and smooth fixer protecting your makeup and skin at once

It prevents your skin from outside harmful substance and has strong adhesive power and keeps your makeup as just applied.

Shield Fixer that protects your skin from the Environment
Makeup Fixing Armor!
Like a mask on your skin. A solid #shield-fixer with flue-stop component that protects against harmful substances.
Protect yourself from a world full of urban smog, fine dust, pollen, etc.


  • Staying power
  • Adhesive power
  • Protective power
  • Zero smudge
  • Long staying power

Ultra Blurring Serum Primer – 30ml

Zero oil, from morning, till the end of the day. Mood, soft and smooth

It keeps your make-up soft and smooth all day long, so as not to make your mood bad because of oil.

Oil-paper-primer that removes oil from skin. Pre-applied Anti-Sebum powder.

Take care of blurs for smooth and soft skin texture

Oil-paper-primer keeps base soft and smooth by tightly holding the oil in your pores to give your makeup a fresh look all day long.

Moist and soft serum primer absorbs the oil from the pores and rehydrates the skin.

A light pore primer that does not block pores and does not put strain on the skin.


  • Convenient
  • Soft and smooth
  • Zero smudge
  • Sanitary pump type
  • Noto Sans CJK KR Bold

Ultra Setting Real Fixer – 50ml

Soft and smooth fixer holding oily skin perfectly

It has strong staying power and keeps your makeup last long as just applied your makeup even after long hours later.

‘Real’ Super Strong Setting Fixer to spend your day more perfectly, to help you have makeup free from smudging or smearing for the whole day!


  • Staying power
  • Adhesive power
  • Zero smudge
  • Long staying power
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